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Wall Street International Magazine
16th Street, Komnjenovic Building, 1st Entrance
Budva,Crna Gora

Теlеfоn: 067/ 00 60 60


Wall Street International Magazine, also known with its acronym WSI Magazine, it’s a global online magazine written in six different languages and, above all, an innovative information channel, providing a constant stream of updates, stories and articles covering a diversity of interests, topics and events in real time, for people who love, travelling, culture and style.


WSI Magazine is one of the most constructive and in-depth journals in the field of online publications among those dedicated to culture, issues, and events affecting daily life. It is the first of its kind to be written simultaneously in six different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Its quality is assured by a versatile team of authors, photographers and artists who have consolidated their experience in traditional publishing. WSI Magazine is a multimedia tool dedicated to the information needs of its readers.


WSI Magazine brings together and promotes informed, original subject matter in its articles and press releases. While retaining the characteristics of a high-quality paper magazine, it provides an innovative showcase in which to observe the contemporary world in its innumerable facets. Careful analysis of cultural trends and systematic mapping of international events ensure that the magazine’s readers can access specific issues under numerous headings, enabling them to select topics and constantly monitor major events of interest.


Fast, daily, accurate, authoritative, inclusive and exclusive, capillary, viral, interactive, since its birth, WSI Magazine has become an international point of reference for cultural communication.

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