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OTP Factoring Montenegro

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ОTP Factoring Montenegro LLC is a headily growing young company, basic specialization of which is collection of outstanding debts of clients of OTP Bank. Company was established in June 2010, and started operations in October, same year. OTP Factoring Montenegro was the first company in Montenegro who started dealing with debt collection activity. Today factoring company provides the most complete complex of legal and concomitant to them services in the collection of debts of legal and natural persons. This work is fulfilled in strict accordance with the current legislation of Montenegro, at high professional level, taking into account individual features of each client. Besides the debt collection, OTP Factoring Montenegro deals with property management. The growing portfolio contains lands, business premises, flats, business-residential buildings, buildings under construction… The updated offer is uploaded on the web page, and is constantly being increased. Regarding the announced assets, we are open to rent or sale negotiations, and as part of the OTP Group, we can also help in financing if necessary.

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