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Aman Resort Sveti Stefan
Sveti Stefan
Budva,Crna Gora

Теlеfоn: +382 33 420 267


Set in locations of unsurpassed beauty, Aman destinations are pervaded by a tranquil simplicity and offer a host of unparalleled opportunities for exploration and discovery, be it at UNESCO World Heritage Sites, pristine white sand beaches or thriving cities
Ranked number 1 in the Top Luxury Hotel Brands 2018 – Luxury Travel Intelligence
Winner of Best Global Spa Brand of the Year - Spa China 2018
Elegant and understated with rustic detailing and natural materials, Aman Sveti Stefan’s variety of dwellings all retain the historic air and ambience of their surrounds. Original stone walls and wooden beams lend character in some, while soft furnishings harmoniously blend a subtle palette of creams and browns throughout. All are uniquely laid out and many offer ocean views. 

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