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ARNN Group

Kolašin,Crna Gora


ARNN Group of companies has been committed to develop businesses among various sectors in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Australia and Montenegro. Among these countries the group endure businesses in hospitality real estate, business holding & acquisitions, investment property management and agro business.

The ARNN Group Montenegro has strong presences with upscale hotels and resorts serving for the luxury market. The hotels and resorts are situated in the most strategic and attractive locations for country tourism development and offer an array of luxury services, intense hospitality and business facilities.

ARNN Montenegro operate with two luxury hotels under the brands Four Points By Sheraton and Westin which are under the Marriott International Inc, an American hotel and leisure company which owns, operates, franchises and manages hotels, resorts and spas worldwide. The both hotels are located in Kolasin, small town in Northern part of Montenegro.
  • The Westin Kolasin is located just few steps far from ski lifts. A luxury branded hotel has a total of 93 rooms and suites separated in 8 different accommodation units, with high luxury spa center, restaurants, bars etc.
  • Four Points by Sheraton is located in city center of Kolasin. A luxury international branded hotel has 72 rooms, 12 apartments and spa center.
These are current project in Montenegro, but we are looking for many more opportunities among different businesses.

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