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Apex Capital Partners
/,Crna Gora

Теlеfоn: 069 542 360

Apex Capital Partners Corp. is a full-service advisory firm specializing in investment consulting and wealth management for a multinational, high-net-worth clientele. APEX provides services with end-to-end execution in areas such as second citizenship and immigration, wealth and asset management, financial services, and international real estate sales and development. Since Apex was founded in Montreal in 1993, it has guided more than 2,000 clients from around the world through the complexities of international investment. APEX serves primarily affluent individuals and their families, along with private banks, law firms, and family offices representing the interests of high-net-worth investors. Over the last two decades Apex has advised governments ranging from the Federal Government of Canada to numerous other countries in the Caribbean and Europe on issues related to immigration, and citizenship law. Apex is also an international real estate developer having built, advised and managed residential projects worth more than $100 Million in Russia, USA, and St. Kitts and Nevis. APEX’s practice spans multiple countries and jurisdictions. Our offices are located in Montreal (Canada), Moscow (Russia), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Podgorica (Montenegro) the Caribbean nations of Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis. 

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