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Coinis d.o.o.
Podgorica,Crna Gora

Теlеfоn: 067 05 50 75


Coinis is a leading software distributor with infrastructure solutions that monetize various desktop and mobile applications globally. We support these core capabilities with full lifecycle IT services to help our partners meet crucial goals.
The company’s success was forged by its people – talented individuals who thrive in a homelike environment. Which is why Coinis prefers the word family over employees and collectively enjoys the benefits of a 730m2 business space featuring a commodious lounge room with a fully equipped kitchen, a gaming zone, gym, open-space offices, two conferences rooms, and more!

It houses talent, produces quality, and guarantees fun; from picnics, to game nights, to holiday parties, there's no shortage of ways to enjoy life at Coinis

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