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"Omnitech MNE" d.o.o
Bulevar Dz Vasingtona 98/5
Podgorica,Crna Gora

Теlеfоn: 067/460/047


"Omnitech MNE" d.o.o. is part of Omninext group.

Omninext is a Group specialized in the supply of System Integration and Cyber Security services, with a strong vocation to carry out
Research & Development projects.

The company mission is to provide innovative digital solutions continuously enhanced through research, an essential element for a continuous future evolution.

Day after day our company is modeled thanks to the energy and work of those who are part of it, mostly young graduates and professionals who continue to grow and innovate.

We work on a European scale, with offices also outside Italy and our goal is to continue to grow, but at the same time also to create a work environment in which everyone can have a way to achieve professionalism and undertake a professional and personal growth path.


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