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AIESEC Montenegro

Marketing Specialist (Caracas, Venezuela)





This job is a part of a AIESEC Association and if you are student looking for amazing international experience continue by reading this job description.

The RiseUp Project is a 6 weeks to 18 months paid professional internshipin all things business,across Egypt’s top startups,SMEs,and MNCs. This project was born out of our belief in the power the corporate sector has in changing the world. RiseUp supports Egypt in achieving Decent Work and Economic Growth which is one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (Goal #8). Through the efforts of this project, we aim to enhance the level of the economy in Egypt.

  • (EGP) 4000 Per month
Main Activities:
  • You will be managing social media
  • You will be launching a marketing campaign
  • You will be provided with the marketing materials needed
  • You will be capitalizing on diversity exposure
  • You will be guided the first month from a marketing specialist
Apply via zaposli.ME website by uploading your resume and you will be contacted by our team.

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