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AIESEC Montenegro

English Teacher (Kopargaon, India)





Obrazovanje, Edukacija
This job is a part of a AIESEC Association and if you are student looking for amazing international experience continue by reading this job description.
Sanjivani Global Knowledge Centre is seeking interns for its educational institutes. The objective is to encourage cross-cultural learning, interaction and experience among participants and Sanjivani community. The interns will receive an exposure to Indian culture while receiving professional exposure in leading Indian education centre. At the same time students will learn about different cultures and nations, other than India. We look upon the interns as brand ambassador for their nations.

  • (INR) 23500 Per month
Main Activities:
  • Engage as teaching associate, along with instructor for one of the classes in teaching curriculum.
  • Class/module/activity for intern will be decided by Program Coordinator according to their abilities
  • Organize / Lead / Participate in co-curricular activities such as sports, art, dramatics and others
  • Assist in organizing institute level activities by participating in team activities and events
  • Teaching of languages as per the proficiency of intern

Apply via zaposli.ME website by uploading your resume and you will be contacted by our team.

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