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Job Description Veterinarian
Foreign Investor in the meat processing industry is looking for a qualified veterinarian.

  • If you intend to use all your qualifications, experiences and and ambitions, to realize the optimal balance between animal welfare and commercial requirements, this is the ideal job for you.
  • The optimal balance requires combining research, negotiating, experimenting and practical application in the field.
  • As part of a small management team of 5 persons, you report directly to the general manager.
  • Your advice will have direct impact on all decisions regarding animal welfare.
  • The quality of food (composition, vitamins, vaccins), buying and raising young animals and all aspects of their environment until slaughtering have your constant attention.
  • You will have direct contact with the various agencies and inspections around the production facilities.
  • You will replace and/or assist the general and back-office manager when so required.
Location: The job is located in Niksic. Personal accommodation with a living room, sleeping- and bathroom, totalling …. m2 can be provided if that is desirable.

Salary: Salary conditions are negotiable. The employer will pay all income tax and contributions for compulsory social insurance (health, pension and disability insurance and unemployment insurance) (statutory deductions) in accordance with the law.

  • You should have a finished academic degree as veterinarian.
  • If you actually are not registered as veterinarian in MNE, your qualifications should allow you to be registered immediately.
  • You should be able to read and communicate in English without great difficulties.
Interested? Is it really the job for me?
To be a good veterinarian in his position, you must:
  • Have good communication skills;
  • Be able to gain people's confidence and put them at ease;
  • Be persuasive, persistent and patient;
  • Look smart;
  • Be able to cope with pressure;
  • Be flexible and adaptable;
  • Have a mature personality;
  • Have good organizational and administrative skills.

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