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AIESEC Montenegro

CHINESE Purchase/Marketing Manager





This job is a part of a AIESEC Association and if you are student looking for amazing international experience continue by reading this job description.
Role description:
Promo Bears is a company that specializes in mascots and is currently looking for a trainee from CHINA. Promo Bears has approximately 20 employees (including 5 AIESEC trainees) and is located in THE student city of the Netherlands, Groningen. During your traineeship, you will be responsible for helping English speaking clients, mainly from the US and Canada. Are you ambitious and do you have an interest in Sales and Marketing? Then you should definitely apply!

Main activities:
  • Sales activities (inbound). Work with fortune500 companies, universities and sport teams
  • Marketing activities include: website improvements, sales process improvements and social media
  • Project management
  • Join one of the main players in the mascot market with over 1200+ clients worldwide
  • Work with clients such as Bridgestone, Red Bull, Amazon, NASA, Walmart and Nestle
  • Freely work on your own ideas to improve the process of helping customers
  • Being flexible in taking over other company tasks when necessary.
SALARY: 850 EUR per month

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