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Credit Control Executive





Bankarstvo, Finansije
An important role in our Finance Team is that of the Credit Control Executive, who is responsible for ensuring that as a Company we recover the monies due to us from our customers. It is critical that we recover these monies whilst maintaining strong and effective relationships with them.

Duties include:
  • Working with the Sales Team to understand the sales pipelines and agreed repayment schedules
  • Managing the production and processing of invoices
  • Collecting the monies due, by working closely with our home owners
  • Developing and maintaining reliable up to date database of all the above stated activities .
The successful candidate will have a minimum of:
  • 2 years of credit control experience
  • Have worked in the Finance Team or Sales Support
  • Be fluent in Russian, Montenegrin and English, both written and verbal
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Products.

Candidates not meeting the above criteria need not apply.

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