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Luštica Development A.D.

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CRM Coordinator





Luštica Bay is the largest fully integrated resort of its type in south eastern Europe.

Encompassing 7 km along the Luštica Peninsula Adriatic coastline, Luštica Bay is set to become a sustainable, fully-integrated, state-of-the-art town. Luštica Bay will feature seven hotels, first of which, The Chedi Lustica Bay is open in July 2018, two world-class marinas, a fully integrated and self-sufficient residential and holiday community, and a star leisure attraction - its 18-hole Gary Player signature golf course.

The goal we are committed to is to create a sustainable year-round resort town, where a strong sense of community is at the heart of the town that we are helping to create.
As an organization, we view developing our talent and providing an environment that is both stretching and rewarding as one of our core responsibilities.
We are looking for brilliant minds to join our growing Team.

CRM Coordinator
Fluent in Russian, Montenegrin and English, you will take full responsibility for:
  • Coordinating and planning the delivery of CRM activities to our customers, identifying their needs and resolving issues
  • Working with relevant departments to deliver the customer focused solutions
  • Preparing proposals and ensuring the delivery of activities and events
  • Supporting budgetary control, specifically tracking the expenditure against budget and systems updates
The successful candidate will have a minimum of:
  • 2 years administration and coordination experience
  • Have worked in a customer focused environment
  • A minimum of 1 years’ experience of  customer facing communication
  • A minimum of 1 years’ experience of project management/coordination experience
  • Use of Microsoft Office Products.
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