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Civil Engineer





HR Partners Group is looking for an experienced, independent-working person who wants to work in a stable company. The company in question is specialised in Investment Consultancy and Concept Projects Development in Real Estate and Villa and Apartment Holiday Rentals in Tourism with a fast growing, leading team. The open position is:
Civil Engineer
Location: Tivat
Job Description:
  • Manage, design, develop, create and maintain small-scale through to large-scale construction projects in a safe, timely and sustainable manner;
  • Conduct on site investigations and analyze data;
  • Assess potential risks, materials and costs;
  • Provide advice and resolve creatively any emerging problems/deficiencies;
  • Oversee and mentor staff and liaise with a variety of stakeholders;
  • Handle over the resulting structures and services for use;
  • Monitor progress and compile reports in project status;
  • Manage budget and purchase equipment/materials;
  • Comply with guidelines and regulations including permits, safety etc.
Minimum job requirements:
  • BS in Engineering;
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in Site management;
  • Fluent in English;
  • Driving licence.
Profile of the requested candidate:
  • High level of professionalism;
  • Analytical skills;
  • Strong problem-solving skills;
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, high pressure environment.
  • Good working conditions;
  • Possibility of good earnings;
  • Possibility of employment for a longer period of time.

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