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Mozura Wind Park d.o.o

Podgorica,Crna Gora

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Production Management Officer (Electrical Engineer)





Elektronika, Inženjering
Company – Mozura Wind Park (MWP)
Type of business: Energy Production / Wind Power Plant
Location: Ulcinj
Production Management Officer (Electrical Engineer)

Routine Duties
  • Responsible for the daily operation, maintenance and defect correction, planned maintenance, unplanned maintenance and technical management of the wind farm;
  • Responsible for the management of subcontractors to ensure that subcontractors strictly implement the operation, maintenance and any other contracts;
  • Management of spare parts; 
  • Implement and improve the production management policies of wind farms;
  • Arrange and organize the subcontractors for the regular meetings;
  • Conduct production work reports to managers and companies regularly and irregularly, and submit all kinds of required reports and documents. 
Duties required by Shanghai Electric Power and SEP (Malta) Holding Ltd.
  • Prepare annual production plan, maintenance and repair plan, important technical plan, incident report, technical transformation reports and other materials;
  • Submit the routine reports and attend routine meetings
  • Submit other production data or reports as required.
  • Implement the requirement from Mother Company on production management.
Duties regarding local power grid companies and related institutions
  • Responsible for communication and coordination with power grid companies in power generation dispatching;
  • Assist in communication and coordination with purchasing and selling electric energy companies (such as EPCG) to ensure that electricity charges are collected on time;
  • Obtain and submit various production reports required by local governments and institution
  • Assistthecommunication with other local institutions and agencies
  •  Electrical Engineer
  • Fluent in English and Montenegrin
  • Minimum relevant work experience 3 years
  • Experience in the Energy sector will be given preference
Contact: Andriani Kitsiou, [email protected]
CVs and cover letter in English

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