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Nemesis d.o.o. - Astoria Group
Hercegovačka 32
Podgorica,Crna Gora

Теlеfоn: (0)20 232 045

Astoria Budva
Situated in the two and a half millennium Old town of Montenegro’s most essential tourist centers, Budva, the luxurious boutique hotel Astoria is recognized as the first and only boutique hotel within this astonishing old town.

Astoria Kotor
From a palace of one of the eminent noble families in Kotor, reborn into a modern mansion, Boutique Hotel Astoria will inspire you to take a glance under the ramparts and relive the past of a town which resisted time and adversity, thereupon became an inspiration for creativity..

Delta City, Podgorica
Indulge your senses with a rhapsody of international specialties... The café Astoria offers the opportunity to sample an array of dishes and at the same time savor some of the most prestigious wines, both national and international, paired with appetizing refreshments.

La Bocca,  Budva
Wrapped in the scent of sea and sun, newly opened restaurant La Bocca, the only restaurant located on the Budva beach (Slovenska beach), offers a great variety of domestic and international dishes, all in the relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. La Bocca will amaze you with its unique position and the prestige level of service which will leave you breathless. Welcome to the seaside paradise!

Pоslоvi: Nemesis d.o.o. - Astoria Group

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