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Azul Beach Resort Montenegro by Karisma

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Ulcinj,Crna Gora

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Azul Beach Resort Montenegro by Karisma is a new-generation Ultra All-Inclusive resort, a perfect beach oasis for families, couples, and singles seeking a deluxe fun-filled vacation. Located on the one-of-a-kind Long Beach on the southern coast of Montenegro, the longest sandy beach of the Adriatic, Azul Beach Resort Montenegro is the place for luxury, pleasure, and absolute fun.

We provide to all guests an upscale style and comfort withing 17 hectares of private land: 479 rooms and suites, 11 restaurants and bars, 8 pools featuring the largest pool area on the Adriatic, 8 sports facilities, 14km long and over 50m wide sandy beach, outdoor theater, and conference facilities.


Secondary education or bachelor’s degree of culinary education.

Additional requests:

  • Knowledge of English language;
  • Organizational skills, coordination, and control of assigned jobs; 
  • Working on computer (Microsoft Office);
  • Category B driver's license.


  • Adherence to all procedures and standards in hotel operations, including HACP, Crystal documentation;
  • Manages and co-ordinates the work of the kitchen;
  • Plans, organizes and supervises the work of the kitchen as well as specifies and introduces rule and standards in kitchen work; 
  • Controls kitchen costs according to the planned budget;
  • Monitors, evaluates and trains staff in the kitchen;
  • Obtaining feedback on food and service quality, and handling guest’s problems and complaints.
  • Modernizes recipes;
  • Takes samples and constantly checks prepared food;
  • Prepare and issue instructions (recipes and production instructions) to all who work on food preparation;
  • In agreement with the food and beverage sector manager, plans and implements new menus;
  • Prepare, and cook food according to recipes to check the quality and standardize ingredient and procedures;
  • Manages and/or delegates workplace training - improves the skills of subordinates; Responsible for implementing waste management measures; Timely and accurate reports to the food and beverage sector manager regarding the work activities for which he is responsible;
  • Performs other tasks, which are in need, at the prior behest of the food and beverage sector manager and General manager.

Responds to the Manager of the food and beverage sector.

You can send your CV application on e-mail: [email protected]

For any further information please call Phone No./Viber: +382 69 364 508  Monday-Friday 08am:16pm


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