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Part-time nanny (20hrs/week)





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Part-time nanny (20hrs/week)
We are in the search for a friendly nanny for a 7-month-old baby who will manage everything related to the care of the baby girl.
The person we are looking for should have a solid personal background and should:
  • Be trustworthy, friendly, patient, and approachable.
  • Show initiative and have attention for detail.
  • Be reliable, energetic and have a positive attitude.
  • Be fluent in English (or Dutch even better) language as that’s the language you speak to the baby every day.
The working hours are mainly from 13:00-17:00, other hours might be for discussion.
The place of work is in Masline, Podgorica.
The salary is negotiable, full insurance, pension fund and all taxes will be paid by the employer.
Interested? Please send your CV to [email protected] including a picture of yourself.

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