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Technical Director

Luštica 31. avgust 2022.

Luštica Bay

We are seeking a motivated candidate to fill the role of Technical Director within our Lustica Bay Electricity Management function. If you are eager to work in a dynamic working environment and be a part of the unique project, this might be the opportunity for you!

About job
The Technical Director is responsible operationally for the distribution of utilities to all Lustica Bay clients, including the preparation of usage calculations and the implementation and management of usage measurement systems and associated processes.
Contributes to the longer-term development of electrical infrastructure by supporting Development and Planning Function with design and construction of facilities, distribution, and measurement systems.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for overall technical operation of the electricity company; ensures quality of the processes and outputs.
  • Assigns specific tasks to employees and manages them.
  • Approves requisition of materials, equipment and supplies, approves purchases and issuance to employees.
  • Responsible for asset management and warehouse operations.
  • Ensures maintenance of minimum one-month supply levels on the stock.
  • Responsible for maintenance of all facilities and equipment, to include, but not to be limited to: lifting stations, substations, electrical panels, generators, etc.
  • Ensures proper planning and development of the electricity infrastructure, systems and equipment, coordinates with master planners.
  • Ensures proper implementation of safety in workplace and everyday operations.
  • Acts as the primary point of contact with all relevant public entities.
  • Prepares operating budget, Annual Business Plan and provides business case analysis to support improvements.
Electricity Management services
  • Responsible for the normal functioning of all the electrical systems for the facilities in Lustica Bay.
  • Calculation of consumed electricity expenses based on measured consumption on measuring devices.
  • Preparation of necessary data for Finance Department.
  • Supporting Development & Planning Function with defining Project solutions of monitoring / measurement systems for the future facilities.
  • Coordination of maintenance works of all electricity facilities and connected high voltage networks, both preventive and reactive.
  • Coordinates all activities required under existing legal frameworks relating to all electrical facilities and connected high voltage networks; maintain an up to date knowledge of emerging legislative developments.
  • Measuring the quality of electricity, ground resistance and supervises the activities of system protection.
  • Performs the exclusion and inclusion of power plants / transformer station in accordance with the Board, Senior Management or independently in urgent situations.
  • Undertakes all System-related trainings.
  • Deals with the client complaints and preparation of necessary analyses.
Minimum qualifications
  • University degree – Electrical Engineer (energetics)
  • Licence for Designing and execution of electrical works
  • Licence for Execution of complicated engineering facilities
Minimum experience
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in maintenance, installation and / or testing electrical installations of facilities, as well as testing, monitoring / measuring systems for remote control and energy consumption.
  • Knowledge of the functioning of the distribution system and maintenance of electrical power plants and networks.
  • Minimum of 2 years supervisory experience.
  • Knowledge of relevant legislative requirements in the field of high voltage maintenance.
  • Driving licence B category.
  • Fluent in both, writing and verbally, in English and Montenegrin.
All interested candidates can apply by sending their CV on the following e-mail address:

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